Asphalt Car Park Surfacing & Design

For expert asphalt carpark construction and repairs, look no further than Roadway Services Australia. We can design and build an ideal asphalt carpark for your business, strata or complex. Our complete asphalt carpark service includes:

  • Design and layout backed by years of traffic control experience
  • Asphalt supply, laying and finishing
  • Line markings, directions and signs
  • On/off ramps, wheel stops and other fixtures
  • Speed bumps/speed humps and traffic calming

From design to completion, you’ll rest easy knowing your car park is in the hands of trained experts. So if your property needs a quality asphalt carpark, call Roadway Services Australia today!

Freshly laid asphalt carpark with painted lines

End-to-end asphalt car park construction

Your carpark is an important part of your business. Often, it provides the first impression your customers will have—as well as the last! So why put yourself at a disadvantage with an ageing, damaged or poorly constructed parking lot?

An asphalt car park by Roadway Services Australia is the stylish but affordable parking solution. Your property will have a new (or good as new) parking lot in next to no time, with a minimum of fuss. Our experience means we know how to get the job done with as little disruption to your business as possible.

We provide a complete asphalt carpark construction service, form pre-asphalt excavation and levelling to sealing and finishing. We handle painting of markers and directions, installing fixtures and signs, and constructing speed bumps/speed humps to manage traffic. When you trust your asphalt carpark to Roadway Services Australia, you truly get the full service!

Wherever you need parking

An Asphalt carpark is an excellent solution for any location which requires a durable and affordable parking area. The convenience of asphalt means it can be laid in any shape, to perfectly fill the space you require. This versatile and cost-effective material provides an ideal paving solution for car parks in a huge variety of applications.

  • Businesses and industrial lots: Whether your property houses a single business, or you require a large parking lot shared by many establishments, an asphalt carpark is an excellent cost-effective solution for any large parking area.
  • Schools and campuses: From a small school carpark to large campus parking facilities, asphalt provides a versatile, durable and affordable material. We can help you design your parking areas to et the most of our space, helping to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Regular maintenance helps secure the safety of students and staff while on campus.
  • Strata, townhouses and other real estate: Shared residential parking areas need to be well-designed to satisfy all stakeholders in a strata or shared development. Regular maintenance is also critical to keeping all owners and residents happy with their shared space.
  • Supermarkets and other shops: Providing adequate parking for customers is a key aspect of retail success, especially when shopping trolleys enter the equation! RWSA will help you make the most of your available space and keep your customers happier.
Asphalt car park with shade trees

The efficient parking solution

There are lots of reasons to choose asphalt for your property’s car park. Compared to concrete, asphalt lasts longer and is less likely to crack or shift, meaning you get better value over the years. Patching damaged asphalt is also quicker and easier compared to common alternatives.

Of course, asphalt is also the affordable choice—less expensive than either pavers or concrete. This lower up-front investment makes the long-lasting durability of asphalt into an even more efficient solution. Whether you represent a business, school, strata or property manager, we’ll show you why an asphalt carpark is the ideal choice for your property.

Asphalt carpark repairs

Do you need repairs in a hurry? Not a problem for our expert asphalt contractors. We can repair damage to your existing asphalt or paving, from a pothole patch to a full resurface. Whether the damage is a crack, pothole, graffiti, vehicle impact or anything else, we have the expertise to assess the condition of your surface and provide a lasting fix.

Don’t be shy! We’re always happy to fix shoddy work done by less reputable contractors. Try out RWSA to give your old and tired asphalt carpark a new lease on life. You’ll be amazed how we can extend the lifetime of your asphalt paving and enhance its appearance at the same time!

Call today for your quality asphalt carpark

When you try RWSA, you’ll see why we are pride ourselves as one of the best asphalt contractors around. You’ll be amazed with our helpful service, speedy work and affordable rates. So if your property is ready for a new (or good as new!) asphalt carpark, call RWSA on 0448 153 694 today!

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