Asphalt Road Construction, Resurfacing and Maintenance—Wollongong

Asphalt Road Construction and Resurfacing

RWSA is an asphalt road construction and repair contractor based in the Wollongong, Illawarra area. Our work teams build asphalt roads to the highest specifications. We are experts in hot mix asphalt concrete and spray seal asphalt road construction.

We also have the expertise and equipment for installing smooth and stable foundations necessary for constructing asphalt roads.

Tough Aussie roads require expert asphalt road construction

Asphalt Repair and Road Maintenance

Asphalt roads need routine repair and maintenance if they are to remain safe for the people who use them. RWSA does all the work required to keep roads operational and safe.

Pothole Repair

Potholes on the road occur when the underlying structure of a road fails. Excessive moisture reaching soil underneath the road can cause a collapse of the road foundation, leading the asphalt on the road’s surface to cave in. Potholes increase the probability of accidents as drivers try to avoid them, either by suddenly slowing down or swerving. Driving over a pothole at speed is also dangerous, particularly for smaller vehicles. Potholes can damage a vehicle’s wheels, steering and suspension.

Repairing potholes as soon as they appear is the best way to prevent these dangerous and damaging incidents.

When the surface of a section of road becomes degraded, repairing the surface asphalt is probably not a cost-effective solution in the long-term. This is because these problems often have a deeper cause, and will soon recur even after fixing. A better solution is to excavate any damaged areas to remove defective road-base and subbase. Once the repair crew reaches a stable subgrade, they can replace the damaged base with layers of suitable aggregate.

Improving drainage to an area of road that is prone to potholes will help prevent future potholes.

Whenever you have a pothole problem or other problems requiring asphalt repair work, call RWSA and we will send an expert crew out to fix it.

Sign Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Road signs help to keep road users safe. Damaged, illegible, broken or missing road signs can cause confusion or mislead road users, leading to accidents. Repairing or replacing damaged signs will keep road users from missing out on critical safety information. RWSA will inspect stretches of road for correct traffic sign placement, and repair or replace them as necessary.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti on roads and road signs can be distracting and misleading as well as looking unsightly. RWSA can perform graffiti removal to keep our roads both safe and tidy for its users.

Rubbish Removal

Unfortunately, when you travel along our roads, it is common to find rubbish strewn on and by the sides. Rubbish, like graffiti, can affect the safety of road users and is also unpleasant and environmentally harmful. RWSA is equipped to remove rubbish from our roads.

Roadside marker post installation, repair and replacement

Roadside marker posts help road users when visibility is compromised by poor weather and low light conditions. RWSA install, repair and replace damaged or missing marker posts.

Crash Barrier installation, repair and replacement

Crash barriers prevent out-of-control vehicles from coming off the road and plunging into more dangerous situations (e.g. off a precipice edge, or into oncoming traffic). These barriers often sustain damage from minor impacts, leaving sections in need of repair or replacement. RWSA can repair and replace the various kinds of crash barriers used on NSW roads.

Storm-water Drain Installation, Cleaning and Maintenance

Groundwater is the enemy of an asphalt road. When water hangs around in sufficient quantities to penetrate the subgrade can soften and cause the supporting structure to sink resulting in serious surface failure. It is therefore important for the drainage of an asphalt road to remain effective in all weather conditions. An RWSA road maintenance team will inspect drainage provisions and engage in drain clearing, repair and installation.


Road construction generally begins with excavation with various earthmoving equipment. First, topsoil and vegetation require removal. After that, scraping and grading create the ‘formation level’. This typically involves cutting and filling; by cutting higher areas of earth and moving them to lower areas, we create a relatively level roadway. Sometimes, if the natural subsoil is isn’t strong enough, it will need replacing. Compacting the subgrade will improve its strength as does various methods of soil stabilisation.

Excavation of adequate drainage channels is important for producing a strong subgrade for the completed roadway. Drainage needs to handle water seepage from verges, pavements and higher land nearby.

RWSA provides all the excavation equipment and expertise necessary for the construction of strong asphalt roads.

Vegetation Control—Mowing & Weed Spraying

Regular mowing of verges helps keep our roads looking tidy. Long grass is also a safety concern because it can obscure the presence of fallen rocks, logs, holes along the roadside. Without regular mowing, larger plants start to populate the roadside obscuring roadside markers and road signs and reducing motorist visibility on corners.

RWSA mow roadside verges and parks, making them safer and tidier.

Spraying weeds along the roadside, like mowing, helps to keep our roads both safe and tidy. If you need roadside weeds controlled, RWSA will provide the solution for you.

We aslo do roadside maintenance!


RWSA is in the business of making roads safe for motorist and other road users. We are qualified to carry out risk assessments and can report any road safety issues to councils or RMS as appropriate. Road construction and maintenance are accompanied by important safety concerns. To this end, RWSA has qualified road traffic control teams. RWSA conducts road work safely in accordance with relevant traffic laws.

Asphalt road construction… and more!

As you can see, Roadway Services Australia is your one-stop shop for asphalt road construction, repair, and roadside maintenance. So if you need experienced asphalt contractors ready to work on your road, call RWSA today!

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