Asphalt Driveways—Residential, Farm, Industrial

Roadway Services Australia provide professional installation of asphalt driveways across the Wollongong, Shellharbour and Goulburn regions. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial properties, asphalt driveways are a long-lasting and affordable choice.

Compared to other paving materials, asphalt driveways are:

  • Durable and versatile, suitable for a wide range of locations
  • Quick to install, quick to cure, and easy to repair
  • The most affordable choice for sealed driving surfaces!

If you need to install or replace a driveway on your property, asphalt is the functional, attractive and cost-effective solution. For professional asphalt driveway installation, call RWSA today!

Asphalt driveways are a cost-effective solution for many properties

Why choose asphalt driveways?

When adding or replacing a driveway to your property, a variety of materials are available. Cement concrete, pavers, bricks, stone and even wood all have uniquely compelling characteristics. Asphalt driveways are an option you may have overlooked when planning your latest renovation. So, why choose asphalt concrete for your new driveway? Let’s take a look at how asphalt compares to the other available options.


Asphalt is a surprisingly durable paving substance. Since we are used to seeing it on heavily traversed roads, we imagine that it wears out quickly, but this is far from accurate. Consider the following while evaluating your driveway options:

  • In contrast to cement concrete, asphalt can withstand more flexing over time, and therefore is less likely to form cracks. This is very important in locations where the temperature fluctuates, as temperature changes cause the material to expand and contract regularly.
  • Asphalt retains its colour longer than most concretes, which tend to fade quickly (especially in the sun).
  • Asphalt is easier to repair than most other options—cracks can be patched with little visual impact, and the entire surface can be re-done for a new lease on life.

If you take care to maintain your asphalt driveway over the course of its life, you can expect it to last as long as 30 years. Not bad for the most affordable choice on the market.


This may be the most important benefit of choosing asphalt for your driveway—it is hands-down the most affordable material for a sealed driveway. Bricks and pavers are typically the most expensive materials, with cement concrete falling somewhere in between. However, even cement concrete can be as much as twice the cost of asphalt. Unless you’re happy with dirt or gravel roads, you can’t go past asphalt driveways as the economical choice.


Most cement concretes take days or weeks to fully cure. By contrast, asphalt is usually ready for driving on the same day it is laid. This is a pleasant convenience for residential driveways, and for businesses it’s a huge help in minimising the impact on day-to-day operations. If you need to install or replace a driveway with as little down-time as possible, asphalt driveways are the ideal choice!


Some sites have unusual requirements that make other paving choices difficult (or cost prohibitive). For example, a steep incline, or an especially long rural driveway. Asphalt really shines in these circumstances, as its versatility and ease of installation make it a great solution for tough locations.


Of course, you want your driveway to enhance the appearance of your property. People often expect asphalt driveways to look unsightly, compared to cement concrete or pavers. In truth, asphalt is a very versatile material that can create a variety of attractive designs for your driveway. Thanks to modern developments in paints and sealers, asphalt can now take on almost any colour. Just like cement, you can have your asphalt stencilled, painted or tinted to create the perfect look for your property.

Combined with the many attractive choices for driveway edging, asphalt driveways are a popular choice for many homes and businesses. It’s nice to know that your choice of materials need not compromise your design options!

Farm driveways & other long private drives

Long farm driveways are another place where asphalt really shines as a construction material. These drives can be tens—or even hundreds—of meters long, often winding tightly or covering awkward slopes. Such a driveway is extremely expensive to surface with pavers or cement concrete slabs, but asphalt is here to save the day! As the preferred material for suburban roads all over the country, asphalt is the ideal solution for most extra-long driveways.

If you’re sick of your farm driveway being a dirt track, now is the time to upgrade! You’ll love how much more efficiently you can get around the property with a proper asphalt driveway. Just give RWSA a call to find out how we can improve your property with our expertly constructed asphalt driveways.

In a more urban setting, long driveways also suit housing estates, event venues and prestige properties, as well as establishments like hospitals and schools. Our asphalt driveways are also ideal for these situations, providing a functional and affordable driving surface. Asphalt also makes an ideal surface for carparks in such establishments, providing an attractive and seamless look throughout the property.

Example of an asphalt farm driveway

Care & Maintenance of asphalt driveways

In general, asphalt concrete is a durable and versatile paving material. However, like all paving surfaces, it will naturally deteriorate over time. This can be aggravated by ground movement, heavy rain or flooding, extreme temperatures, heavy use, and other conditions that place extra stress on the surface. Fortunately, asphalt is relatively easy to repair and re-seal to maintain an attractive outward appearance.

Proper care and maintenance will greatly extend the life of your asphalt driveway. Below are some tips for keeping your asphalt driveway in great shape for as long as possible.


The best way to protect asphalt driveways from weather and decay is to re-seal the surface on a regular basis. This doesn’t need to be too often – every 3-5 years is sufficient to greatly extend your driveway’s life expectancy. As a bonus, re-sealing refreshes the appearance of your driveway, keeping it looking great over the length of its lifetime.

Crack filling

Even a top-quality driveway may develop cracks in adverse conditions, like heavy weather or demanding use. It’s important to repair small cracks as soon as you notice them. This is because cracks in the surface allow water to soak into the surface, which eventually reach the base layer and cause structural damage.

With a compromised base, the driveway is much more likely to crack, warp, and develop holes. That’s why it’s so important to repair small faults right away!

Call the asphalt driveways expert

Remember, not all asphalt contractors are the same. There are lots of places you could take short cuts when laying your asphalt driveway, and all of them will come back to haunt you by reducing the life of your driveway. For example, poor base preparation can cause the asphalt surface to flex unreasonably, creating cracks that eventually break up the driveway. Failing to level the surface properly allows water to pool, weakening the asphalt. Before long, you will need to have your asphalt patched and resealed—or  torn up and replaced entirely.

Contrary to what you may have heard, such problems are not inherent to asphalt—they are just inherent to poor workmanship! So if you want the best out of your asphalt driveway, don’t take your chances with dodgy contractors. Call Roadway Services Australia on 0448 153 694 today!

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